Thursday, December 29, 2005

All Business!

I don't know about other artists but the holidays are a time when I lose focus. I expect it, so I try to remain calm. It isn't easy though because my happiness depends on a day of creating in the studio or out in the field. Is this related to addiction? I don't know and I don't ask.

I'm spending this scattered brain time trying to get "art business" things out of the way. So today was spent doing nothing but working on websites and marketing my work. All business! This is certainly important but it never leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment. I mean...what good is marketing if you haven't created any art to sell?

I am a member of EBSQ and worked on that site today. More work to do there but it is started.

I also started this blog today. I have hopes that this will bring traffic to my website. My main work revolves around pet portrait commissions. Unlike some other artists I love doing them.

I also have been monitoring my eBay auction. The wolf painting is for sale there. I have new auctions every week.

I think that is enough sentences that start with "I" for today.

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