Saturday, March 26, 2011

Plein Air Plight Or Delight

plein air painting by Lori Levin
"Saturday Morning Bench Sitting"
acrylic on panel

With new and very tiny paint box in hand, Brady and I ventured to the little pond across the street to do some plein air work. As we stepped out the door I must admit I was ready to turn around. 29 degrees is a bit cold for me to sit in one place for very long. However, my goal today was to complete a small painting outside without adding anything to it once I returned to the studio. My guess was that the brisk air and the bone chilling breeze would just make me work that much faster. Brady and I were not to be denied.

Now I know that there are plein air painters that can withstand snow and sleet to paint. I will admit to you that though I love art, I hate the cold more. Brady and I walked around the pond and checked out the view from both sides where there were benches. Neither view was outstanding but both were peaceful. We chose the spot that provided the greatest warmth from the sun. I just refused to suffer.

Quickly we got to work. Brady found a stick to chew and another dog at which to growl. I found pleasure in the trees that framed the scene across the pond. I worked with six of my new Golden Open Acrylics and was quite pleased with how they handled. To keep to my promise to work quickly and freely I used a large brush and did not sketch anything out. No guts no glory.

To my surprise I barely felt cold. I was in the moment and it was heaven. Colors sang with the birds while light flickered over the water. This was living. Just as I realized I could no longer feel my thumb the painting was finished. At that point I unleashed my tiny brush that was reserved purely for my signature. Brady and I packed up and floated home.

As I returned to civilization I watched people walking while talking on their cell phones and barely even noticing the bright blue of the sky. I was so thankful that for the past hour or so when I was totally one with my surroundings and even created something to mark the day. How blessed am I?

If you'd like to purchase this or any other painting please visit my Soulful Studios website, go to the Contact Lori page and send me an email for information. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doberman Dog Portrait - Max and Maya - Update

Doberman Dog Portrait by Lori Levin
Spring is finally here and they are calling for a little March messiness tomorrow. I've been busy working on several small pet portraits that are surprise gifts so I cannot post them yet. Those will be posted as the recipients get the chance to enjoy their pet portraits. Meanwhile I thought I would share the progress of Max and Maya's dog portrait painting in oil.

As you can see, I have mostly completed Max and will now start on Maya. As I get her closer to finish I will then add final touches of color and detail to make everything sing. I do tend to go to details early because I enjoy watching things come to life quickly. I always have to fight myself not to do that too quickly so as to focus on structure. However, sometimes it is great to eat dessert first!

Soon Soulful Studios will take it to the outdoors again to do some plein air paintings. There's a blue heron at a local pond that I'm dying to at least capture with the camera. I wonder if I can't paint fast enough to suggest him on the spot. Oooh, I think I see a challenge...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Say Goodbye to Winter

Landscape Painting by Lori Levin"The Last of Winter 3"
5" x 7"
Acrylic on Canvas

This weekend we push our clocks forward an hour. I can remember years ago when we had a major snow event in April. My gut says that won't be happening this year. That being said please don't email me angry letters if I'm wrong.

I look at these geese paintings and think how peaceful that day was but at the same time there is some dishonesty here. Yes, this was the scene before me and it was charming and serene. What I didn't show was what happened next. If I were to do another painting from this day, it would depict geese frantically flying away from a very excited little grey dog. Any guesses on the name of this dog?

Perhaps the lesson here is nothing is permanent. Take your pleasures while you can. You never know when some sweet little dog is going to chase away your bliss.

Stay tuned to Soulful Studios for updates on more pet portraits and spring paintings. Send me an email through the website for more information on these or other paintings. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog to let me know what you think.

Friday, March 04, 2011

A Little More Winter

Fine Art by Lori Levin
"The Last of Winter 2"
Acrylic on Canvas

Winter is coming to a close. Even the cold days aren't as bad because the ground holds more warmth from the sun. Nature is waking up and getting busy.
I thought I would do a few more paintings about winter before it slips away for another year. Yes, I am ready for spring and the refreshing feeling that comes with it. This is just my final farewell to the snows of 2011.

If you are interested in this or any of my other paintings please go to the Soulful Studios contact page and send me an email.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Last of Winter

Landscape painting by Lori Levin
"The Last of Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

Walking the dog after a little snowfall is always magical. My pup leaps through the snow, tugging on the leash and pulls me off my feet like a sled dog. This is something to see considering he is only 16 pounds and I'm no delicate flower. Last week I believe was winter's last major effort for the season.

Despite my dear canine companion's need to drag me along, I did take the time to sit quietly by the edge of the pond, to watch these two geese swim together peacefully. They seemed so pleased that the water was liquid again. They paddle along almost like a dance. I tried to match the ease of their being with the deftness of my brush. Ripples from their movement couldonly be captured with lightness of hand and heart.

I hope you enjoy their serenity. If you would like information on pricing and how to purchase this or any of my other paintings, feel free to email me. My email can be found on the contact page of my Soulful Studios website.