Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ripening Fruits

Dogs and Wine

"Ripening Fruits", 24"x30" oil on canvas, is finally done. This piece pays homage to all things new and sweet that are yet to see their finest hour. Canine Partners for Life will be holding their annual wine auction on December 1st and this painting will be featured as the main event. Signed prints will be available so please contact me if you are interested in either bidding on the original or purchasing a print.

I do not post much about my battle with lymphoma (lower case letters because it doesn't deserve more than that) because I'm always torn between posting business and personal information. However, as an artist it is hard to separate the two. Everything I paint, if it is to be successful, must come from the heart. Otherwise you could grab a camera and take your own pictures. There would be no need for me. Though I try very hard to continue on with my life in the most normal of fashions, cancer has colored everything. Some things like the smell of the rain coming down now are made more beautiful by this evil. Other things like planning my future are made far more difficult. Though I'm quite certain I have a beautiful life ahead of me I realize plans are only ideas that suck up precious time.

I am so thankful to all of you who continue to support me and hold my hand through this journey. I just learned that another week of radiation has been added to my treatment. I "planned" on radiation being quick, easy and painless. What a silly plan that was. However, no experience is ever all negative and I promise you I've had some good laughs even through this. Besides, why would I want to stop going to radiation when I can sit across from the man every day who's hospital gown reveals all his "stuff". Radiation...a few thousand dollars a treatment. Seeing an senior citizen's "package"...priceless.