Thursday, March 04, 2010

Singing a Different Song

Vulture painting by Lori Levin "Vultures Wait"
acrylic on panel
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I'm embarrassed to admit how much time I spend listening to the birds. If I had a "regular job" I'd most certainly be fired for what appears to be long periods of inactivity. There is no doubt in my mind that other artists know this is time well spent but I wonder about the rest of the population. When the birds sing I am able to sit still and not think so much. During this meditative period I often see paintings in my head or awaken to some new technique I should try. The trick is to apply what I learn in these moments and not just forget about them when I snap back to reality.

If you listen closely you can hear that the birds are starting to sing a different song. I know they are focused on hints of spring. There is excitement and freshness in the air. Bad weather may still visit but it isn't staying long. As I hear these new tunes I too find myself letting go of winter's grip. The paintings in my head change and so does my approach. Plans for painting outside and purchasing new tubes of green to play with are creeping in. Sure, another snow scene or two may still be in the works but they probably won't display the coldness that previous pieces did. They can't. March may have some winter music left but it is a lame duck and can't compete with April's strong mellifluous melodies. Just listen to the birds, they know.