Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Framed Fruits

Canine Partners for Life painting

Every now and then a client will be so kind as to show me what they've done with the art they've purchased from me. I was so blessed recently by someone that purchased the print of "Ripening Fruits" and had it professionally framed. I cannot tell you how tickeled I was to receive the photo of the finished product. It is sort of an out of body experience to see my work live in someone else's home. Don't you think it looks great?

Speaking of things looking great, my new website is really coming along. I cannot wait for the launch after all the hard work Christine from Websketching put into it. You will be able to purchase the "Ripening Fruits" print and many other items right from the website through PayPal just like other e-commerce sites. Soulful Studios really will be more than just pet portraits.

Currently I have resumed work on "The Veil" and am finishing a 9x12 oil of two cow heads. I have two commissions starting very soon and I must get ready for my booths for Cow Bingo and for the Greenwich Artisans' Faire. My new website will have a schedule page where you can always find information on where I will be. I have so many great things happening my head is spinning a bit. That is a nice change isn't it?

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Game

I'm sorry to buttress my previous happy post with one of sadness. This weekend a great man passed away, Leroy Sievers. During my treatments and recovery I turned to his writings and those of his faithful readers for advice and understanding. As I've healed ,I still tuned in to remind me of the lessons I've learned and to cheer him on or to email my support. Though I knew the day would come, I was still shocked to see the words appear on the screen that his battle was over. In some ways, for his partner Laurie, the battle has just begun.

Normally I have a photo or picture for every post. None seem appropriate. No words seem right either.

All of this makes me think of how silly much of our daily lives are. We strive and push and try to do the right thing. We take ourselves rather seriously. The truth is life is a game. It doesn't make total sense and I have come to believe it is supposed to be that way. Trying to make sense of life will make you insane. I'm probably part way there after all the analyzing I've done. The best we all can do is to enjoy ourselves and be good to the other game players and then roll the dice. We move accordingly knowing all the while that sometimes skill or luck will bring winnings and other times we land on Park Place loaded with our opponent's hotels. The cycle goes on forever. Win or lose, the game keeps being played by you or somebody else. Period.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Never Say Never

Lori Levin and Joel Friedman "Lori and Joel"

As I always say, this blog is mostly for business news about Soulful Studios. Every now and then I share something personal. My readers have been there for me during the good, the bad and the ugly and for that I'm thankful. Now I would like to give you some news that I am stunned that I have to share. I walked around for nearly 6 years saying something like this would never happen and I was thankfully wrong. I am officially engaged to the most amazing man ! To be honest, I really didn't believe there was a man on earth that met each point on the list I once wrote about what I believed I wanted in a partner. I wrote it as a joke but it actually came true. Again, never say never because he lives and breathes and has asked me to be his wife. Beyond that he has two beautiful children that have brought out maternal desires in me that I long since buried. That is the most surprising of all as I believed I no longer had any interest in nurturing anyone or anything beyond my art. I am so serious about this that I chide my love that on days we do not see eye to eye, his children keep me from changing my mind. This blows my mind (in a good way) as I type these words. How is it that such goodness has come my way?

I look forward to seeing where this happiness takes my work. Recently, with all the excitement there has been a little less time for painting which put the pressure on me to make the most of the pieces I did work on. This actually pushed me to be more decisive and to work smarter. The last three pieces shown of the cows were created during this magical time. They are currently at First Impressions Gallery and one has already sold. The others have received great feedback as well and many have asked about the "difference" they see in my work. I see it too. As things settle down I believe you will be seeing more and more great paintings on this site.

What a difference a year makes. Thank G-d.

Monday, August 04, 2008

First Impressions Gallery August Show

cows in landscape by Lori Levin "Simple Afternoon 1"
Acrylic on Board
5x7 framed

cows in landscape by Lori Levin"Simple Afternoon 2"
Acrylic on Board
5x7 framed

Cows in landscape by Lori Levin"Simple Afternoon 3"
Acrylic on Board
9x12 framed

This Friday August 8th is the show opening for First Impressions Art Gallery in Salem, NJ. I will be there briefly and I hope you can stop by. The above paintings are my new contributions to my gallery space there. If you would like to purchase on you can email me or contact the gallery. The larger one was done from sketches created from a farm off of Route 45 in Salem County. There will be more pieces inspired by that site in the future I'm sure. I love this grouping as I feel it speaks of what I find to be so peaceful and beautiful about the area. Scenes like these used to be commonplace but now are harder to find. I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Make sure you visit my blog again shortly as I will have updates on the plans for Soulful Studios' new pet portrait site as well as some exciting personal news. It is never boring around here!