Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rottweiler and Finished Horse Portrait

horse portrait
rottweiler portrait

More heads! I promised you a better photo of Bud and this was the best I could do. The large pencil works are nearly impossible for me to photograph. Maybe I need a professional. The rottweiler is Max. I have a real fondness for this type of dog. The strong head and stoic look gets me every time. However, every rottie I ever met was a big baby.

Speaking of big babies, I have some troubling news to report on my pup. Miss Gracie has a torn ligament in her hind leg that requires surgery. The good news is that after surgery, with 8-10 weeks of rest and making me crazy, she should be able to resume normal activity. The bad news is that there is a 50% chance that she will tear the other one within a year or so. I am a tad stressed over this news but know it could be worse. Gracie is the most expensive "free dog" I've ever had. However, it isn't about the money and I still feel lucky to have her as my fuzzy friend. I need to have my head examined.


trac said...

Oh Lori, sending good, healing thoughts out to Gracie. It is just awful when our animal companions are hurting :-( I hope she has a complete recovery. Oh and btw, I love Max's jowls! If he was mine I would be kissing them all the time :-)

Anonymous said...

You don't need your head (or your heart) examined, Lori. Gracie's one lucky pup. Hope she's back to her happy self soon and that she will not have to deal with this ever again!!!

And as for your art... beautiful, incredible again.