Saturday, June 16, 2007

Come and Sit Here

Riverview Park by Lori Levin

"Come and Sit Here"
acrylic on paper

As promised, here is the companion painting to the ACEO I shared with you in my last post. (By the way, it has been sold.) The color is close but it seems the camera lost some of the purples and reads them as black. It is close enough as I want all my energy to be spent painting, not playing with Photoshop.

I enjoy painting on water color paper. There is something freeing about it. I look forward to experimenting with texturing the paper first and heavily layering paint and scumbling to allow the previous layers to show through. I am developing this new style in acrylic. I am trying to express another side of myself, perhaps the less obvious and more "layered" side. Acrylic is so different from oils that it requires me to paint in a completely different manner. I like it as I have no expectations as of yet. It is far more immediate and requires me to be in the moment much more because if I don't work super fast it dries and I must start all over. It is less about blending and far more about layering. Feel free to let me know what you think about it.

I will continue to do my pet portrait work in the more detailed and realistic style using oil on canvas. That will never change. I've received some emails asking if I am back to accepting commissions. The answer is YES. How else do you expect me to afford to feed poor Gracie?

In my next post I will share my trials and tribulations with my first true painting "en plein air" with my new pochade box. So c'mon back.


KleoPatra said...

Thank you for sharing the companion painting. Beautiful, beautiful. Your artistic way, Lori, is amazing to me. As a writer who has no artistic or musical talent whatsoever (tho G-d knows i've tried), i am neither envious nor jealous of your incredible talent, but i am greatly appreciative of what you do. For real. Looking forward to your next post.

Thinking good thoughts!

Philip. said...

What a lovely painting!