Friday, July 20, 2007

Nobody Screams Get Me An Artist

Liberty "View From the Top"
pencil sketch in moleskine sketchbook

While I waited over an hour for my doctor and his entourage to come into the room yesterday, I sketched the Liberty Place buildings, as seen from the window of the 15th floor, Penn Tower of the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. It only took me a few minutes, the rest of the time I spent reading the articles in the Philadelphia Weekly. It was so funny to watch him and all the other white coats walk by, quickly peaking in the room to watch me draw. Isn’t it funny how attracted people are to creativity in progress yet so many avoid it themselves out of fear. My dear Dr. Schuster was going on about how he loved to draw and was often told to pursue art. I asked him why he never did, while he was right in my face feeling under my arms and around my chest for swollen lymph nodes. He looked deeply into my eyes with his eyes looking somewhat crazed and said, “because everyone screams ‘get me a doctor’ not ‘get me an artist’.” I laughed. Maybe if we all screamed for artists and creative release we wouldn’t need the doctors.


KleoPatra said...

Cool sketch, cooler post.

Very interesting convo between you and the doc... i'm also one of those peeps who peek (and often linger) at artists' work. i do it right here on your blog, as you know! And Lori, your final words on this post are absolutely worth pondering.

Shabbat Shalom, my friend.

Scott Fertig said...

In the caricaturist world, around prom time they do sort of scream "get me an artist!". Mad business.
Just wanted to say hello and enjoy your work. Also in the words of Leroy "me too".

Scott Fertig said...

I meant to say "I" enjoy your work. I can see that you do too.

sa said...