Friday, February 08, 2008

More Uses For My Car

Penn Beach by Lori Levin"Penn Beach at Noon"
9 x 12
acrylic on canvas

This is a "G" rated blog, so the other use for my Scion XB is a painting studio. Yup. You heard me. I ventured out with my painter's box to do a little plein air painting while looking out onto the Delaware River via Penn Beach.

Just as Mom taught me, I had my hat and gloves on braving the cold while trying to set up my tripod along the water. As I was about to bring the paints out, a little wave crested over the wall and splashed icy water in my face. Then the wind blew. At that point I decided two things. One, I believe that people who paint in conditions like this need to be put on medication. Two, I could not leave without painting, as it was on my schedule darn it, so I had to attempt a little art in my vehicle.

To say I was a little crammed in there with my supplies is an understatement. However, the heat blasting and the radio playing made it palatable. Surprisingly, despite the serious stiff shoulder I gave myself while wedged behind the wheel, I just about completed a nice little painting. The sky was blue and a weather front was approaching and I was determined to capture it with my brushes.

With 30 minutes left to complete the painting another wave hit and covered my windows with water. I couldn't see a thing. A big ship carrying automobiles passed and I knew the wake of that would bring even more moments like this, so I packed it up to finish at home. I set the timer and worked for less than an hour and signed my name. What a great day!

Next week I'll share with you what I did with the gobs of leftover paint I had on my palette. I am too cheap to throw it away. Also, stay tuned for the finish of the mare and foal portrait.

I'm off to get ready for the gallery reception tonight. Hope to see you there. Have a great weekend.

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KleoPatra said...


And you know i have a 2004 Scion xA, right?

Great minds think alike. If only i could paint more than a stick figure!