Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pet Portrait In Progress

pet portrait by Lori Levin
pet portrait by Lori Levin
Above is a view of my drawing table where I surround myself with different pictures and versions of my subject. I've been working on the pet portrait of this Doberman named Amanda for about a week now. Yes, this is what a week's worth of work looks like. As you can see, at this rate I make about 5 cents per hour. However, I wouldn't trade the way things are to return to the corporate world. As I work, my studio is open allowing the occasional bird to fly in and say hello, as well as hourly visits by Gracie. My favorite music plays in the background and I can wear anything I want or nothing at all. Just kidding there, I wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Currently I'm also working on a small painting of two cows and sketching many future paintings. I have been a bit behind on posting my sketchbook drawings as I've been more into working than blogging about it. It will all come out in the wash, it always does.

This past Friday, the world lost an extremely talented artist with a very unique vision, Scott Fertig. Scott was kind enough to send me words of encouragement in regards to my own cancer and my art while all along he was preparing to leave this world because of his. His work influenced me in a very important way. I always strive to bring more to my art than just a reproduction of a photo or the scene before me. When I studied his work suddenly I understood how to find what I was looking for all along. It all made sense. This piece in particular opened my eyes and without a doubt is brilliant. Thanks Scott and I hope there are big lazy dogs where you are too.

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PhotoJoe said...

Sometimes money isn't the most important thing. For instance, we're all lucky we still have you, Lori! Peace.