Monday, June 23, 2008

Learning to Dream Big

Horse Art by Lori Levin "The Old Sentinel"
oil on canvas

I decided to do a small oil painting of my sketch before I go to the large finish. I learned a lot from this little experiment and know now how to work this idea out even more. The horse's name is "Macho" and I look forward to honoring his position in life even more with the final large painting. This small treasure will be available shortly at First Impressions Art Gallery. One of the "Morning Horse" pieces has sold already and those also will end up in a larger format. Lately I am so full of inspiration and ideas. I can't seem to keep up with them all.

Currently on my easel is a 20"x30" canvas of a horse looking out through the trees. Later this week I will share that with you. Also, in progress is a piece for the cover of "Pet Companions Magazine". Both of these works a requiring much energy that takes me away from some other smaller projects that I enjoy like painting outdoors and sketching. I know balance will come once again so stay tuned for more of those works in the future.

On a side note I am always in search of other sites that I believe "do the right thing". I'd like to bring your attention to one in particular called It is hosted by Glenn Close who does great animal advocacy work and really has created an informative and usefull site. Proceeds from products purchased there go to animal charities and there is a wealth of information available there as well. Maybe one day Soulful Studios pet portraits will be found there as well. Someday I could be the pet portrait artist of the stars which would allow me the opportunity to raise even more money for my favorite organizations! You never know. I'm learning to work hard and dream big. I've come a long way from the lady that couldn't think past the moment she was in. Healing happens.

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