Friday, October 10, 2008

Golden Retriever Dog Portrait - Buster - Update

dog portrait by Lori Levin
As you can see my latest pet portrait of a Golden Retriever named Buster is coming along. I'm working out the major darks and leaving the whites alone so as to build the structure of the dog. Basically I break the image down into three major tones to build a strong foundation and lay the detail on top later. At times this is a difficult task as the photos provided don't lend themselves to strong values or a three dimensional quality. They do provide a lot of information about the windblown locks of this pup but I must be careful not to depend on detail to hold this drawing together. So far I'm pleased but I take care not to become too impressed with myself until it is done.

Tonight I'll be at First Impressions Gallery in Salem, NJ for another show opening. Tonight's guest speaker is Bobbie Berg. She is an excellent speaker. I know she will provide great insight into her beautiful landscapes. My turn to speak will be in February so stay tuned.

I'd like to take a brief moment to mention another life marker. At the end of this month I will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my lymphoma diagnosis. Yes, I will celebrate it. As long as next week's tests and the scan to follow come back clean I will have officially reached what the doctors call complete remission. It is a very rare occurrence to see this form of cancer come back if one makes it without relapse to the 2 year mark. Though I had a few scares that the beast had returned, it luckily never did. As I sat in synagogue during the High Holy Days I reflected on where my life has taken me and how quickly it can change. Two years ago I was on borrowed time if the chemo did not shrink the tumor suffocating me. Today I am planning a wedding and go home every night to a family that loves me and waits anxiously for me at the door. Two years ago I became friends with 2 other cancer patients and also helped one family member along with his own diagnosis of the disease. Of the 4 of us, only I remain in remission. Though I never asked "why me" when I was told I had cancer, I ask that question now. I ask why am I the one that gets to walk away? Though my body will never be the same and after the assault on it something had to give (thanks Liz), I am still healthy and strong. My life is busy with work, family and friends, not doctors and needles. In some ways it is scarier now as I feel pressure to make proper use of this second chance. In other ways I know it has nothing to do with me and that I was just lucky, so I relax and go for the ride.

Monday I'm off for that oncology appointment. This time it is just about a well visit and most importantly a romantic lunch with my dearest Joel who wouldn't think of letting me go through this alone. Actually, I never went to these appointments alone as my mother was always there if I allowed it. I wonder what she will do with all her free time now. Knowing her as I do, filling that time slot won't be difficult.


Nichole said...

Nice potrait!! I will also try it for my pet.

PhotoJoe said...

Darks? Lights? Structure? Seems too difficult for me. I take the coward's way out and just push a button! :o)

Hope everything worked out well at your appointment. And thanks for your kind words on my blog!

sammy said...

Very beautiful portrait. I bought a portrait from Pet Supplies but this very beautiful portrait I have ever seen.