Friday, October 31, 2008

Golden Retriever Dog Portrait - Buster - Getting Closer

dog portrait by Lori Levin"Buster"
progress of graphite drawing

Slowly but surely I'm moving along on Buster's pet portrait. During the Business Expo last Saturday I worked on this piece so the public could watch my progress. Frankly, I'm certain people thought it was as much fun as watching paint dry. Many folks stopped to tell me how beautiful it was and how I captured the soulfulness in his eyes. One woman was kind enough to say that my drawing was more alive than the photo. That is probably the best compliment I've ever received.

Now that I'm looking at the photo of my drawing I see I need to go into the right side of it and calm down the hair on that side. That area is starting to look like he has hair extensions. I thought I would share that so you can understand how the process requires constant reassessment and revision. This is relatively easy to fix and it will give me something simple to start with on Monday morning.

So here goes another Halloween. I'm so excited with all the changes in my little world. Tonight and tomorrow I will be celebrating my special anniversary. I've made it and now it is time to enjoy everything. Movies, dinners and a little wine await me for the weekend. Monday I look forward to stealing peanut butter cups from the kids. It's all sweet.


PhotoJoe said...

Happy anniversary! You deserve to be happy!

KleoPatra said...

Hhope you had a wonderful anniversary, and Halloween... i've been out of touch and dealing... but i think of you often and i want you to know i am grateful for your friendship and appreciative of your talent, Lori!

Buster's a beauty... like YOU!