Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Card Horse Painting

Horse Art by Lori Levin "Distant Light"
acrylic on panel

Holiday time is fast approaching. Despite last year's resolution, I am once again behind on everything. I vowed to have my holiday card painting finished in October so that I wasn't running around last minute like a chicken with my head cut off. Well, Frank Perdue will be looking for me because I'm a big old hen. Yesterday I completed this year's image so if you don't get your card until after New Year's Eve don't think you were put last.

So many life changes have happened in the past 2 years and especially in the most recent 6 months. I'm finally starting to catch up to myself and now I feel the flow with my art coming back. Last week I celebrated my 39th birthday. Making up for lost time, the festivities went from Thursday until late Sunday night. There are still a few people that I need to meet up with and share some of the joy. Dinners out, gifts of love, a winter walk through Longwood Gardens and moments spent just enjoying the day were some of the things I enjoyed.

Perhaps you are wondering why I'm mentioning all of this and have yet to comment on the painting above. Well, as I become more settled in my life and feel secure with the wonderful changes, I see my palette becoming more subdued. It is as if the confidence I have in my personal life is now apparent in my art as I don't feel the need to impress anyone with my ability to use many colors. Instead, I feel free to create a painting with only 4 or 5 hues and with less "showmanship". My quiet insides are showing in my personal rainbow.

This post cannot be complete without giving a big thank you to Jennifer K. of Canine Partners for Life for taking the original photo that inspired this painting. She is a dear friend and has provided so many images that have helped me make beautiful paintings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jennifer!

Before the year is out I will have a few more updates for Soulful Studios. This weekend the new studio will receive some love. The horse painting was created in my fiance's office which I have recently taken over and will be a place I work sometimes for a few months. New and exciting things will happen in 2009. I feel like I've only just begun my art career. The best is yet to come.


KleoPatra said...

The best is yet to come.

Yes! Go Lori!



PhotoJoe said...

Loved the Christmas card. Thanks!