Thursday, February 05, 2009

Getting Closer to Going Home

"Going Home"
sketch in moleskine

I was driving home to Pilesgrove when suddenly I saw a beautiful snowy sunset in the field next to Cowtown Rodeo. Grant's big rough-stock horses were out finding little blades of grass peaking through the white covering to nibble on. In the distance there were two horses lit by the setting sun walking away from the rest. Watching them leave together made me think they might be heading home. Let me remind you that I always relate human emotions and events to my animal subjects. Somehow I felt connected to these two. Quickly I took my pictures and jumped back into the safety of my car and drove home to my family. It was a good feeling.

Much of my time now is spent moving and planning a studio and a little wedding. It may happen that the studio will be finished in March and I will be able to paint from my new Pilesgrove location. As I look at my sketches, I see a theme of partnership and grounding that I have not witnessed before in my work. You can only draw what you know. The future is exciting but I stay firmly fixed on the present. The past has taught me that. We have now. Now is wonderful.

Next post I will share photos of the studio progress. I cannot believe how beautiful it is becoming. I've never had a space to work in as special as this. Every detail has been considered. Who could want for more?

Don't forget the next reception at First Impressions Gallery in Salem on Friday February 13th from 6-9pm. I will be there so please come in and say hello. Don't forget to ask me about Soulful Studios new home.

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