Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going Home

Horse art by Lori Levin
"Going Home"
acrylic on panel

The grip of winter is fading. I can feel spring coming despite the icy wind. This is my last winter painting for the season. There are 3 more sketches of similar horse art pieces but they will wait for another time. My mind is on beginnings and growth not hibernation.

Again and again I mention how I am looking forward to being back to work on a more steady basis. The lighting is in the new Soulful Studios and all that is needed before I can move in is flooring. These few months off have served me well. My ideas are fresh and my excitement grows like the little daffodils outside my window, trying to poke through the covering earth.

Fame is not something I'm after by any means. My motivation is much more personal. Often people mention how someday I'll be in museums with big price tags hanging from my work. Though that would be nice, surprisingly that is not my goal. I have a vision of what direction my work should take. It gets closer all the time but I have yet to really paint it. Honestly, I think I will always be reaching and striving for something I don't see in my work but a little closer I would like to be. I will get there. I know this because for the first time I feel right about other parts of my life. The rest is surely to follow.

A college professor once told me to "do what you love and the rest will follow." I'm doing it. Wait and see.


Jennifer Horsley said...

Oh, I think you have one more snow painting in you...especially if we get the forecasted 8-12! The view out your studio doors is going to be beautiful!!

Jennifer Horsley said...

okay, I take it back about having one more snow painting in you. Now that it's 70 degrees today...Yup, it's all about spring!

KleoPatra said...

<3 you Lori