Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where Is Your Garden of Eden?

Animal Art by Lori Levin "Bunny Brave's Garden of Eden"
acrylic on panel

A farmer's field is practically our backyard. Hawks frequent our property because mice in the field make for a nice snack. Being mindful of this, I try to feed my sweet rabbits and birds under the protection of the tree that shades my studio. The squirrels are on their own and frankly, I could use less of those.

I notice the rabbits love to sit under the lilac bush and relax or munch. Obviously this is a safer place to be than running in the open space. All creatures seem to have their favorite spots that provide food, shelter and sometimes just a place to breathe without threat.

I try to create places like this for myself but often life gets in the way. A quiet corner with a good book gets interrupted by the phone or family need. To combat that, I drive or walk and find a place in someone else's paradise to rest. My new found hideout is by the pond on the property owned by our local veterinarian. Their backyard is like the Garden of Eden. Sheep, birds, fish and turtles of many types flourish here. Always I am awestruck by the serenity and beauty of it all. That leaves me wondering. Do the people that live there feel as if it is paradise or do they have to escape Eden for some peace?


Carol Mulrooney said...

Oh Lori, this is SO beautiful! Yours is the second post I've read in as many minutes about finding a quiet retreat... obviously a sign for me... that spot under the tree looks perfect!

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

Funny how those things work! Thanks Carol! Now go find your happy space. :)