Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unsettled in Supawna

Supawna Meadows by Lori Levin
acrylic on panel

The "Nature & the Landscape" juried exhibition at Gallery 50 is coming up and I just completed this piece to be one of my entries. This is a scene from Supawna Meadows in Pennsville where I used to live. I've been under pressure to get thing done for commissions and shows and I had a feeling of being unsettled. I think the painting shows this. The painting of the geese in my previous blog will be used for the reception cards for the show. I'm very honored.

I see a growth in my work that I can only attribute to the beautiful light in my studio and the support from my husband. He has great suggestions and knows how to talk me down from the ledge when I've had it with a painting. Nobody has ever been able to do that consistently for me. I'm thankful.

I now have two new graphite dog portraits to work on as well as four oil commissions. Soulful Studios is very much busy with pet portraits and fine art paintings. There seems to be only time for making art now and not much time for talking about it.

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Jennifer Horsley said...

Nothing wrong with only having time to paint and no time to talk about it. You know the saying at The Painter's Keys..."Stop talking and paint!"

Wishing you continued success!