Thursday, July 01, 2010

July Already?

fine art by Lori Levin

"May I Come In?"
acrylic on panel
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fine art by Lori Levin
"Hiding in the Shadows"
acrylic on panel
pet portrait by Lori Levin "Griffin"
graphite on paper
private commission

Am I really that busy that it is July already and I was not aware? Above are some of the projects I've been working on. "Griffin" was a recent Soulful Studios pet portrait commission I finished yesterday. The two paintings are entered into Gallery 50's miniature show that is opening this Friday night. Maybe I'll get lucky and win a prize? Typically I stay away from sweet paintings but somehow no matter what I did, both pieces came out looking like work for children's books. In general, children are big fans of my work so perhaps I really will do the book my husband has been putting together. Who knows, maybe that degree in illustration will actually get used someday?

Beyond these pieces and the endless effort on the large painting of the three dogs, I've been nesting. During the day I give it my all in the studio but in the evening I spend hours working in my garden. Right now I've only been involved in flowers but come August I will start my first vegetable garden. My father would be proud. Before I had cancer, all I wanted to do was travel. Then I was too sick to go anywhere and enjoy it. Now, I'm feeling fine but don't want to leave home. My surroundings are gorgeous and I'm rather disturbed by our world at the moment.

This obsession to make my home beautiful and a sacred place happened to me once before. After the planes hit in NYC, I drove the next morning to the craft store and bought yarn. I hadn't crocheted in 15 years but instantly I had to make an afghan. Then I baked and painted like a mad woman and refused to watch television or listen to the radio. Since the BP accident, I've baked quiches, scones, various cookies and created new recipes out of my head. The television and radio have been silenced. Beyond that, I've added foliage and flowers to every inch of our two acres, as it was bare when I moved in two years ago. My friend Denise graciously gave me 30 irises and they now line my fences. Paint, plant, repeat.

Many may see this as a healthy outlet. Personally, I know this is just a cover for the insanity that I keep in check. If anything else happens I may be forced to buy chickens for fresh eggs and put up a fence.

Wish me luck at the show. Until next time, you'll know where I'll be hiding.

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