Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Last of Winter

Landscape painting by Lori Levin
"The Last of Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

Walking the dog after a little snowfall is always magical. My pup leaps through the snow, tugging on the leash and pulls me off my feet like a sled dog. This is something to see considering he is only 16 pounds and I'm no delicate flower. Last week I believe was winter's last major effort for the season.

Despite my dear canine companion's need to drag me along, I did take the time to sit quietly by the edge of the pond, to watch these two geese swim together peacefully. They seemed so pleased that the water was liquid again. They paddle along almost like a dance. I tried to match the ease of their being with the deftness of my brush. Ripples from their movement couldonly be captured with lightness of hand and heart.

I hope you enjoy their serenity. If you would like information on pricing and how to purchase this or any of my other paintings, feel free to email me. My email can be found on the contact page of my Soulful Studios website.

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