Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Here is the final painting of "The Medicine Man" a.k.a. "Mr. Forbes". This is an example of spontaneous painting. It requires intense concentration, focus and stamina. These types of painting are some of my favorites but I must admit they exhaust me the most.

As my brush moved as fast as it could so that I wouldn't lose my rhythm, my mind flashed back to choices I have made in my life. The image of this man brought this out because he reminded me of some of the people I met in the British West Indies while staying at my parent's island home. Yes, lucky me...my parents had a home in the tropics. Stupid me really. My father, back in the 80's, offered me a chance to live there so that I could paint the beautiful blue sky and turquoise water. I turned him down because I was "in love". Sigh.

Well, my father has since passed away, the house has been sold and I am single again. Do the lines in my face show this journey as I mentioned in yesterday's post? Probably. At first I looked at this sadly, full of regret. Now, I realize everything has its season (ok...a little melancholy). I never would have been able to paint "Mr. Forbes" with the passion I did if I had not lived my life just as I have. My journey has brought me right here, right now, just like this. Not so bad. However, the next time somebody offers me a chance to live on a tropical island so I can paint pretty pictures....I'M OUTTA HERE! Live and learn. :)

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Tami O. said...

Lori, I love all your work, but I think this painting is my absolute favorite so far. Spontaneous strokes over a dead-on correct form. Bravo!