Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Prayer for Chopper

Just a quick post to ask my friends out there to say a little prayer for Chopper.

Chopper is an American Bulldog my cousin adopted from a local American Bulldog rescue. Karol(my cousin) adopted a female of the same breed through the same rescue last year. Last month, when she was checking out their website for breed info she saw his picture and just had to bring him home. He is so sweet and kind and gets along perfectly with her 3 year old daughter, the other dog Shelby and is terrified of their little old cat.

Chopper came to her very thin and in poor condition because supposedly he had been very depressed in the shelter. Sadly this is not the case. Well, as she tried to put weight on him he continually lost weight and started having accidents in the house. Frustrated and concerned, Karol took him to the vet for tests. Results are inconclusive at this point but he either has some sort of pacreatic disorder or cancer.

The rescue has offered to pay for his expenses and even take him back. She has only had him less than a month, however, in that time he has become part of the family and is loved by all. Everyone in her household is heartbroken.

So, please say a prayer for Chopper, maybe it will help. He is all I can think about today. I will keep you posted.

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