Friday, January 06, 2006

New Friday Tradition

Spice Kitten by Lori Levin
I decided to start a new Friday tradition here at Soulful Studios. Every Friday I am going to try to give you a preview of what I will list for sale on eBay on Sunday night. These usually are my smaller pieces. Either drawings or oil studies or recent experiments. The materials are always top quality but these are generally not works in a series so I can sell these at a lower price.

This week's eBay painting is named "Spice Kitten". No Spice Girls jokes please (though I guess I set myself up for that). The colors and attitude of this kitty remind me of not only being spicy but actual hot spices themselves, hence the name. The reference was from a recent challenge on an online artists' community. It is 5"x7" oil on canvas. I have to say it was very spontaneous and lots of fun to do. Let's hope it finds a home!

I wish everyone a great weekend. I am surprisingly praying for some snow. I would like to do a series of seasonal works however, I need some snow scenes! When the snow finally does get here remind me that I asked for it because I will be sure to complain.

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