Thursday, January 05, 2006

Alizarin Crimson

Horses by Artist Lori Levin
Today's studio time was spent on marketing once again and some planning for future painting. I try never to let a day go by without creating, sketching or painting. This day was no different. I saved a few hours to work on the piece I showed in yesterday's blog entry.

I'll start by saying that because most of the day was not spent making art I figured I wouldn't get too dirty. At least three hours were spent painting 3 tiny little 3 inch horses. What made me think that because they were small it would take me less time? It actually took more time because each stroke counted that much more. I went with the school of thought that says don't put the brush to the surface unless it is the right stroke. Well, I accomplished this but it certainly didn't save any time. However, each stroke was satisfying and exciting.

Now, I'll end by saying that when I looked in the mirror expecting to see a clean face I was surprised by the bright red/pink smears all over it. Alizarin Crimson. A very staining color at that. I bet you wish I took a photo of that instead. dog Gracie (see yesterday's post) couldn't figure out how to work the camera.


Lisa Nelson said...

The detail you are able to capture in such a small space is absolutely amazing. This is gorgeous! Hi to Gracie! I have a Gracie too but she's a cat. Her middle name is Kelly. :)

Michelle said...

This painting is looking good Lori, I'll keep coming back to watch your progress.

LynClay said...

I just had to comment because your work is so gorgeous! The horses are fantastic. I love the way you painted the sunlight warming the horses backs, just beautiful. Also love your spice kitty!