Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Zelda Cat

Cat by Lori Levin
Decided to shake things up a bit. Started 3 paintings today. Just the sketches on canvas though. This shows you how I start my paintings. I trace my working drawing (not shown) onto my burnt sienna stained canvas and then go over it with cadmium red strokes. Still have 1 to finish and 2 more ideas waiting in sketch stage. I figure with all of these pieces "haunting" me and begging to be painted I would either go mad or paint feverishly. Let's hope it is the second option. My family would tell you that I'm already nuts.

This kitty was given to an artist friend of mine. She supposedly has papers and cost a great deal on money but her owners couldn't keep her. In any case she is well loved now. Her name is Zelda...the cat that is. When I saw her, could I not paint her???? Maybe I should call this "Make My Day" because she sure has a puss on her. This one probably will be sold on eBay when finished. I've had requests for some feline here it comes!

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