Friday, January 27, 2006

Ebay Friday #3

Spring Puppy Dog by Lori Levin
Is it Friday already? Wow...where did this week go? Well, it is that time again to show you what I will auction this Sunday night on eBay. This painting choice is unique in that it is from my private collection. I've held onto this piece for sentimental reasons and I think it is time to set it free. It is always difficult for me to say goodbye to my work and some tug at the heart a little more than others. Contact me if you would like to purchase this piece before it goes to auction.

"Spring Pup" is an oil painting on stretched canvas, 8"x10" image size, 12"x14" with the frame. It is signed 2002 by me, Lori Levin, and is ready for the wall. This is a Corgi puppy surrounded by lovely yellow forsythia. He's ready for spring and so am I. I love this piece because taking the reference photo for it was such a riot. I had 3 puppies in a basked of forsythia and none of them were cooperating. In the end, the puppies ate the flowers, pooped in the basket and would not stay still long enough to take a picture (I did not have an SLR back then). I only had 2 photos to work from out of 80 and this is the result. Looking at this piece makes me smile to this day. I hope you enjoy it too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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