Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Darn Turkeys

Mare by Lori Levin
I'm down for the count folks. The turkeys have finally gotten me down. Not for long I say! I've been fighting a cold or something for 2 weeks and today I've lost the battle. Not the war.

So, forgive me, this sketch for a small 5"x7" painting was all I could eek out before I hit critical mass. This will be a gorgeous sorrel mare that I have already named Marilyn. If a horse can be sexy she is. I was captivated by her flaxen mane and tail and couldn't resist a quick oil painting until I got too sick to hold the brushes. Who said blondes had more fun?

It wouldn't be Soulful Studios if I didn't take time to thank somebody. Today's "shout out" goes to Vicki Nixon. Check out her site: . This woman has changed my life and my body in a matter of a few short months. She is a woman that not only knows her stuff beyond anyone I've ever met but shares it with the rest of us in a way that is just inspiring. She is more than a trainer to me, I call her a friend as well. Thank you Vicki for showing me the way and holding my hand while I get there.

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