Monday, February 13, 2006

Thinking of Spring

Foal by Lori Levin
As I sit here in the warmth of my studio, I am constantly reminded of the cold outside everything another chunk of snow slides off of the roof. It was beautiful to look at yesterday but today I'm longing for spring. I decided to paint my way there. Maybe it would fill the need for the scent of grass in the sun. Almost but not quite.

This little oil painting, 5" high and 7" wide on stretched canvas, is called "Foal Frolic". If you have never experienced watching a foal or filly run through the field and kick up its heels, you have truly missed a wonderful site. It really gives you the feeling of what the glory of living is all about. I was considering using this image for a much larger painting so I did this small study. After painting this little guy I realized I had nothing more to say about the subject. Therefore, there will not be a larger painting. Sometimes it is hard to remind myself to do the small works first to work out some of the issues but it is always to my benefit when I do.

Today's appreciation goes to the group of very fine ladies that I had the honor of dining with Friday night. They all made me feel so good about myself and my work. Those kind of moments feed the soul and I treasure them. Currie's awesome cooking fed my belly though. Now I will spend the rest of the week working to remove that goodness from my thighs. Sigh. :)

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oziskin said...

The painting's beautiful. The texture is really amazing, pluss the horse's surroundings are directed in a way that pulls me towards it.