Wednesday, April 05, 2006

EBSQ Plus Membership Received

Hello everyone. I'm back from my little vacation. It was truly glorious to spend an entire week with loved ones and traveling to my favorite local haunts. Though this blog is supposed to focus on my art, I promise to let you in on a little of my private side in the near future. See that, yet another reason to come back and visit Soulful Studios.

This year I promised myself I would enter a few shows and such. I am a member of an internet group for self representing artists called EBSQ. This online community has helped me get the word out about my art on the internet. Twice a year EBSQ holds screenings for its members in good standing to become "Plus" members. This is a juried process based on five works completed in the past two years. The judging is done by 15 existing EBSQ Plus members. I applied a while ago and just received notice that I was voted in as an official Plus member. It is a great feeling to be accepted by one's peers.

The judges did give very positive and encouraging feedback. As a result I will be working on some new things very soon. My goal for the rest of this year is to build my inventory with much larger and more complicated works. Currently I have only a few pieces left for sale and I must get busy. I envision works that are even more expressive and challenging than before. If I want it bad enough I believe I can make it happen.

A little thank you to my entire family for their open hearts and open minds this week. I am truly blessed to have so much support. Remind me that I said that then next time that they gang up and tease the daylights out of me!

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