Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Look Into My Sketchbook

Yup, just a little sketch of garlic. Did you expect something really sizzling? Sorry to disappoint you. Sometimes in order to focus on visual relationships I must pick rather mundane subjects. Drawing accurately is made more difficult by being enamored with a subject. That's what happens when one gets too close to anything I guess. Perspective is always a matter of proper distance. However, I must say these two little nuggets do look sweet together.

I put this sketch here to show you that even while I am busy with commissions, I continue to train my eye with drawing exercises. People often ask why art costs so much but they never think of all the extra work that goes into it. If I don't constantly work on my ability to "see" my art becomes awkward and stale. I cannot only work on pieces that generate income, I must also practice and explore just for the sake of doing so.

The commissioned portrait of "Summer" will be finished in a few more sessions and I will share it with you then. Back to my brushes!

1 comment:

Mr. Numpti said...

I looked at this and thought "hmm, pretty good" but 40 minutes, is that all??

Cripes, I'd be at it all day to get that effect (and probably spoil it in trying).

I guess that's down to my looking at it from a detail perspective and not as a whole . .