Thursday, April 27, 2006

Birds of a Feather

Portrait of Birds
Sorry for the really trite title for this entry. I just couldn't resist. The cat is out of the bag, or should I say the birds? This is a portrait of two very loved birds named Tiki and Ketta. It was commissioned as a surprise gift for the retiring president of residential styling of Mannington Mills Inc. The graphite drawing is 14"high by 11" wide on 100% cotton rag paper.

This portrait was one of the reasons my blog entries have been minimal recently. I was never asked to draw birds before and I was excited to try something new. However, I soon learned that it required a bit of research and experimentation before working on the finished piece. I had to develop a new visual vocabulary for feathers. Fur I am familiar with...feathers not so much. It was a truly enjoyable process and judging from the reaction of the recipient, quite a successful result.

A little shout out goes to my friend 'B' for letting me know right away how the picture was received. I live for these moments. Thanks my friend! I needed that.

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currie said...

Lori I can say for all that call you friend....he has taken you away and you have the very best that you will ever get. The first morning you wake up in your bed in New Jersey Kenton will feel as far away as the stars are bright, but when you wake up with every emotion your heart will go thru there will be one you will be free from...this is real its not a dream and heaven is at your door, be blessed, be happy and be free. I love you like a sis and as I have said many times you are an insperation in your art and now you have moved on to the art of love....guess i need to sit down and take a couple notes because from where I am sitting your aces babe