Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thoughts of the Future

Graphite sketch by Levin
This will be my last post before my trip across the pond. I'll be visiting someone quite special and let's not forget seeing some of England. Whilst there I will visit a few gallery possibilities, take some photo reference and do sketches for a new series of landscape paintings I'm currently working on. Not only do I see my work changing a great deal but my entire life as well. There is much on my mind these days but I must admit I've never felt more at peace.

This little sketch was done this weekend while sitting in the park thinking about what may be in store for me in the future. (The paper is quite dirtied from hitting the ground multiple times from Gracie jumping up on my lap. Nothing like a 60 lb pit bull sitting on you for concentration.) I grabbed the photo reference from a lovely lady on WetCanvas because it really moved me. Sometimes the best moments are spent in solitude looking out and taking it all in. Being open is a difficult thing to do in this busy world but to not take the time can have devastating effects. I'm the poster child for it.

I will try to post some photos of my trip while I'm there. So keep coming back to see some details of my trip as it happens!

A new feature is the ability to receive this blog through your email. This way you do not have to look to see if I made an update. It will tell you automatically. Look to the right on your screen and check out the Squeet button. Put in your email address and follow the directions to get instant updates of my blog.

Thanks everyone at WetCanvas for welcoming me back so sweetly to the WDE's. I've missed you guys and all your beautiful work.

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