Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cookie Time

Last week I set up a still life for my student, Carolyn. I chose objects that I thought would give her a laugh. As I've been working on some of my landscape pieces I decided to do a little oil sketch of it myself to shake things up. Why should she have all the fun? What I didn't realize was that painting cookies for a couple of hours makes one dream of them at night. Especially if one hasn't had a chocolate chip cookie in a very long time. Lucky for this artist that all of the cookies in the set up are very, very stale. "Cheap Date" is 8"x10" oil on canvas. This is posted for sale on ArtByUs. Please click to purchase.

I want to send a big "thank you" to 4 Tails Design Group. They just finished my new website and it looks great. These ladies are super talented and great to work with. So if you need a new look for your business or a website contact them. Tell them Lori sent you.

You haven't seen the redesign on my website? Well, go check it out. Don't forget to sign up for my quarterly newsletter as well. The first issue just went out today and it includes a free music download so don't miss out.

Stay cool everyone!

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