Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tea Anyone?

Many commitments this week with networking groups and other means of promoting my work are limiting my time in the studio. These times are difficult,because I am an artist dying to be making art in the studio, not running around telling people about how I make art in the studio. However, artists today can no longer sit home and wait to be discovered, they must be out in front of the public like everyone else running a business. During these times it is important for me to take time to sketch. With only 25 free minutes yesterday to make art, I chose to do a sketch of my favorite teapot. I was feeling rushed and hassled but moving the pencil across the paper calmed my mind. Little sketches like these are what help me stay clear and focused for my finished pieces.

Why the current rush to promote? This is actually prime season for me to accept commissions for pet portraits . People tend not to think of hiring me until right before the holidays, when time may be running out or I'm already booked. A finished piece takes about 8 weeks to complete once the work is started. That is not counting the time taken to receive and edit photographs or shipping of the final piece. Also, most animals look best this time of year when their winter coats have been shed as well as a few extra pounds. (I think even humans relate to this.) This holds true especially for the equines. I know Christmas and the holidays seem far away but they are right around the corner for this artist.

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