Thursday, August 31, 2006

Horse Portrait - Graphite Drawing of Bud - 2nd Step

Now that there is tone on all areas of the face I have started to add some detail. I've also started to commit to the darkest darks. If I make an area too dark too soon, it is difficult to change it and keep the freshness of the work. Often people ask me if pencil is easier since I can erase things. My answer is no because to keep the clean fresh look that I am after, I must get it right the first time. I only use my eraser as a tool to draw with and not as a means to correct the drawing. (Or let's just say I always try not to have to correct anything.) At all times I am comparing values and working the image as a whole. No area is considered finished until the entire piece is finished.

Don't forget to visit my other site In the next week or so I will be adding a Cafe Press store to this site where you will be able to buy items with some of my most requested images on them. Gracie has her own spot there as well with updates on her training (roll eyes here). I'll be starting her own blog shortly.

I'm excited to announce that I will be having a booth at the Open House for Canine Partners for Life in Cochranville, PA on September 9th. This is a great organization that trains and provides assistance dogs of all types. Check out their website to read about the great canine/human teams they put together. Contact me if you think you might make it out there for a great day.

If you are ever in Salem, NJ stop by “Broadway Joe’s CafĂ©” to have a cup of java and enjoy some art. My work as well as some other artists is on display there. I will also be showing work at "Beans Coffee Shop" in Woodstown, NJ some time in October.


trac said...

Great to see an update. I have been checking regularly hoping for one. Bud is looking spectacular! How long will a drawing like this take you? What are the approximate dimensions? As a non-artist (frankly, my stick figures are non-recognizeable!) I love it when artists blog their work process step by step.

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

Sorry I've been behind on updates. So many projects. Thank you for the compliment. A work this large (16x20) should take a full 2 weeks worth of full-time work. I've been working on it only a little at a time though, fitting it in between other works.

KleoPatra said...

Looks good! And i'm with trac, thank you for the update!