Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Horse Portrait - Graphite Drawing of Bud - The Beginning

Horse Portrait by Levin
This is the beginning of Bud's portrait. At this stage I am just laying in basic flat tones that are a value or two lighter than the finish will be. Here I am developing form and pushing and pulling the lights and darks to create dimension. No details are added yet and especially not the "hair by hair" look that I am so known for. This can only be done after the entire piece has tone/value and that all areas relate to each other properly. I am easily a week away from that stage or more considering the many projects I am juggling at the moment. This horse portrait is a pleasure to work on because at this 16x20 size it is almost the size of a true horse head. It really is like touching the horse with every pencil stroke.

I invite you to visit my new web outlet for my studio at Squidoo. Here contributors create "lenses" instead of blogs. Mine is and gives another look into the studio. It even gives you access to videos by yours truly. (Ok, maybe that is just more Lori than you bargained for.) Also included there will be a running log about my dog Gracie and all that she has taught me, whether I wanted to learn or not. Please take the time to rate my lens as it will increase my visibility there. By creating a greater web presence I hope to have more business that will further help me contribute to some special organizations I am currently getting involved with. Stay tuned to more info about that.


Jen said...

That's gorgeous!

I just found your blog and enjoy reading about your work. You're so talented!


trac said...

I found your blog through your comment on Jen's blog. Wow! Your work it gorgeous - I love your cows :-) I am definitely going to be back to check on Bud. I have absolutely no artistic ability but I love it when artist's blog their work process - just ask Jen :-)

KleoPatra said...

Hi Lori, i love what you are doing!!!

KleoPatra said...

Lori, i just sent you an e-mail, and now i realize where your blog is! I'll be back... :o)