Sunday, September 10, 2006

Canine Partners for Life Open House and Cow Bingo

 horse and cart
service dog
motorcycle service dog
cow bingo
Soulful Studios booth
Soulful Studios Booth
working service dog
black lab service dog
cow dog
cow bingo 2

What an incredible day! These photos were taken yesterday at the Canine Partners for Life Open House and Cow Bingo. Though I was there with a booth (see the two photos) to promote Soulful Studios, that seemed to be the least important part of the day for me. Never have I seen an organization of people that were more determined, focused and positive than the folks of Canine Partners for Life (great photos on this link). Everyone worked so hard and made me feel like part of the family. I felt so cared about and I was only a vendor! I've never seen so many positive individuals working their butts off without a complaint in all my life. I'm still going today from all of that great energy (or is it the sugar from the homemade ice cream and cookies...I'm so bad)!

Ok, so a little explanation. Canine Partners for Life trains and provides service dogs for all sorts of folks for all sorts of jobs. The recipients of these hard working canines come from many different states and truly appreciate the gift of a 4-legged working partner. It is an amazing thing to see people and animals working together doing daily tasks, with both the humans and the canines getting something out of it. This is something you must see for yourself to truly appreciate. They have many events to educate the public and to raise money (it isn't cheap to raise/train one of these pooches). I urge you to come out to one of these events (I will post the next one) and check it out. If you can't do that they will happily schedule a tour as well. I cannot recommend the experience enough.

So what's going on with the photos you ask? Cow Bingo? Ah yes. The cow was the main event. Uma the cow stood with the Dairy Princess in a field of 3,000 squares, representing a purchased raffle ticket. You know where this is going don't you? We all stood waiting for the cow to um, well...pooh. The first cow patty was worth $5,000! (That is a bit frustrating because I struggle to get a few hundred dollars for my art and somebody else makes $5,000 off of bovine fecal matter.) Other prizes were awarded after that. You can see in the one photo the actual $5,000 moment. There is someone in the background even raising their arms as everyone else cheered for cow pooh. It was a hoot. Other photos show some of the activities that were there and the great people that were involved. You have to love the lady in the motorcycle and her service dog with shades on. (I believe her name is Lori as well.) The dog even had polished toenails to match the blue shirts! Now that is style.

Sorry for the disjointed sentences. I just have so many images and thoughts in my head that I can't get them all down fast enough. A quick thanks goes out to Janie, Jennifer and dear Melanie from CPL for all their help and caring. Even their families helped. CPL not only needs donations but host families for dogs and people to help raise puppies. Also, if you are thinking about getting a dog, check with them first because some dogs that have gone through training don't make it as a service dog but they make a wonderful pet that comes already trained. Really, if you want a furry companion contact CPL.

Again, thanks everyone yesterday for all your help. Thank you!

There will be more about CPL in future posts so come back often.

An update on dear Gracie will come later this week. I promise.

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