Friday, September 15, 2006

Horse Portrait - Graphite Drawing of Bud - 4th Step -Marination

Horse PortraitLast night I showed my work in a Phantom Gallery with other local South Jersey artists in Pennsgrove. It was a nice turn out and the free wine tasting took care of my upset when one of my pieces went crashing to the floor and the frame bit the dust. I met some great people and had great response to my work. I hope to get the pictures of that soon to share with you. Tonight I'm going to Millville to their 3rd Friday event to hang out with some artist friends and drink more bad wine. Tomorrow I will run 6 miles to try to make up for my evil ways. One never makes up for the other though and I will never learn.

Anyway, here is the 4th installment of Bud and his portrait. (Sorry for the dark photo, it is raining today.) This is the stage where it looks done but the picture must sit for 4 days or so without me looking at it so that it can "marinate". When I come back to it with a fresh eye, I will be able to touch up any last issues that stick out to me. Already I see the left side needs to be softened and more subtle. More things will rear their ugly heads in a few days. Also at that point I will turn the piece upside-down to find more things that need a little love. However, no matter what, I am not allowed to touch the piece for more than an hour so that I do not kill the beauty of the work. "Stop me before I kill again", I will repeat in my head over and over. It works for me...or is it the wine talking?

Oh yeah, Gracie is feeling better. She ran with me today and was a trooper until she went to greet a sweet little boy and tripped me. I won't be wearing a skirt for a long time. Also, I learned the hard way that her sensitive stomach could not handle the medicine the vet gave her. We won't discuss that. Let's just say we were both up all night.

Have a great weekend.

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Jen said...

Wow, the portrait is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! You captured Bud so well!

Congrats on your events, too. Can't wait to see pictures. Although that stinks about the broken fram... *sigh* they are so expensive.