Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Always Take a Second Look

The leaves are turning and the cool breezes are starting to turn into chilly winds. I love this time of year. However, I thought I would give you one last fleeting glimpse of the summer we left behind. I try to have my camera at the ready at all times and on this day I was lucky enough to have done so. I was going to a restaurant with a friend when I saw this cute boy fishing. At first I just wanted to photograph him but then I took a second look and got the joke. This was a good reminder to always take the time to really observe what is around us. A good laugh is always around the corner.

I know, you are wondering where the art is. It is coming I promise. Gracie and I are quite tired of convalescing and are on the road to recovery. In 6 weeks she will have her second surgery so I better get healthy soon! It is good to just be in the studio.

Until then I thought I would list some blogs that I enjoy. If you visit, tell them Lori sent you.
This is my friend Carl's site. He is an artist among other other things and is good at ranting!
My internet buddy Jen is a fellow dog lover and queen of Greyhound art as well as any other 4-legged creature.
Kleo is in California and posts a lot of neat stuff about Vegetarianism and Judaism. Good stuff.
Trac is a runner, a vegan and Greyhound lover...what more is there to say?
Maggie is an incredible artist, cat lover and sells big on eBay. Her work rocks.
Not a blog but an incredible artist and friend. Her work is unique and mezmerizing. Oh...did I mention what an animal lover she is?
Nancy is just the most talented designer and an animal lover and a vegetarian. Can you see the theme here?
Need a company logo, website, business cards or overall company image...visit here!


Jen said...

Oh, I just love blog reading... my daily lunchtime activity. :o) I'll have to check these out!


P.S.-thanks for the shout-out :o)

P.P.S-- Hugs to Gracie!

trac said...

Hey, Lori!

Thanks for the shout out! I will definitely visit your other 'reads'. I love the picture and am glad Gracie is well on her way to recovery. I hope to see some of your new art soon (not to put any pressure on you but just to let you know I am interested in your work LOL)