Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gracie Update and Thanks

Thank you everyone for your care and concern. It means so much.

Gracie is doing much better. Her regular personality has returned. Her leg is healing nicely and the staples will be removed in a few days. She did end up tearing the other ACL as I had feared but the vet said her ligaments were just bad and better to catch them both early on. Lord knows we all have our defects. The good news is that in 6 weeks we can operate on the other one before there is joint damage and she should be set for some years of good running miles. Something we both miss very much.

I also wanted to thank you guys for the healing wishes on my shoulder. Turns out I don't have any of the problems mentioned in the previous post but there was something wrong. I've learned a great lesson in all of this. Something I should have known but I never seem to learn. We should always trust ourselves to know when something is not right with our bodies and keep searching for answers if the ones given don't seem to jive. We are meant to be productive creatures and when our normal routines become difficult it is a red flag. I always tend to blame myself when I am not accomplishing anything and I start to throw around the word lazy. I go to the source I think is responsible which is me. I was wrong. There are times that instead of looking inward we must look outward for explanations and help. Someday I'll get this right. The moment I do get it right I think I will live a much more relaxed and happy life. So this New Year truly has brought changes for me. I may not like the package they have come in but I appreciate the lesson all the same.

So hang in there my friends. New and exciting art will be back in a few weeks. The canvases are calling and now I can hear them!

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Anonymous said...

Love the good news on all fronts, Lori!!! Really!!