Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cruciate Ligament Surgery Photos



Debre said...

Dear Girl! (That goes for both of you.) You didn't mention pain managemnt for the surgical patient. I've found many vets have an attitude that animals don't suffer so much since they don't complain. If you don't have some sort of pain meds for her, I'd recommend calling the office to get some. Also, my own experience nursing 4-legged family members is that it is easier when sober and hang-over free. Save up the binge for when Gracie is back to 100%.

Lori of Soulful Studios said...

Oh my, I was kidding about the booz! None for me thanks. Not unless it is part of a brown rice and broccoli dish. LOL! Yes, she is on pain meds and Lidocaine (sp?) patches. She is also receiving the best pain med I know...good old fashioned Jewish chicken soup and sympathy. LOL! Debre..thanks so much for your concern!

Anonymous said...

*HUGS* to all. Wow. Sending healing thoughts for a full recovery very quickly! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets better soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...


i got your e-mail and will respond in the next few days. I AM THINKING OF YOU and will say Tehillim (psalms) on your behalf that you come out of this (as well as Gracie) feeling better than ever.


Jen said...

Oh, oh, oh.... poor baby! Give her a gentle hug for us. :o(

Jen, Lucy and Cliff