Monday, November 13, 2006

Even Cancer Doesn't Make Me Skinny

I'm a medical mystery. What else is new?! How can anyone with a tumor the size of two babies heads in them not lose weight is what the doctors want to know. Well, they never met a Levin. I just had to throw in a little humor for all of you who send me such lovely emails and gifts. I have so many great folks to thank it might take my entire recovery to get it done. Really, thank you everyone for so much support and positive thoughts. It is working.

While I am staying with my mother and eating her out of house and home thanks to Prednisone (an evil drug that I am loving at the moment), I do have access to email. I have a dial-up connection of 26.4 kbps! Woo hoo! I do not have any of my email addresses with me. So, I ask everyone to please email me so I can hit "reply" and to please not send photos until my prehistoric computer connection changes. This should be for about 3 weeks or so. I'm just thrilled to be connected.

Many have asked me the details of my lymphoma. I found a website that explains it pretty well so I am sharing the link with you. I'm Stage II with an approximately 15 centimeter mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma. If you are going to get a cancer this is a good one to get because they can probably get rid of it. I will go through 6 courses of CHOP-R chemo and then radiation in February. My second dose is supposed to be the day before Thanksgiving. I think the holiday has new meaning for me now. I am so excited that my family will be with me for that day.

Thank you again everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They work and I am thankful. More updates in a few days.



PS Please excuse typos...spell check is not working on Blogger for me today. :) Neither is my brain.