Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving in Silk Pajamas

Hey you can’t beat that right? My family is coming to the house to prepare everything and all I have to do is show up in my best silk pajamas. Talk about service. I will wear a hat or scarf though so as not to shed on their mashed potatoes! I’m quite thoughtful like that.

I am so thankful for so many things this year. I’m alive and doing great. I’ve been given the opportunity to see life with a new and healthier perspective. I have new goals and dreams. I look good in a hat. Chemo treatments get easier. Did I mention I look good in a hat? I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with my mother in a way that I will remember forever. I have so many friends and family that love me and I never feel alone. Ever. I am so very blessed. I guess I am thankful for everything.

My next chemo treatment is on my birthday, December 12th. How fitting. I think I will have a t-shirt made saying “Bald Women Do It Better”. I will stuff my bra and parade around the oncology floor until I get a laugh. Try me. I have to admit I stole that idea with pride. Maybe I’ll bring a camera to prove to you that I did it.

So, I wish all of you the best on this holiday. Enjoy those around you. I know these times can be hectic but try to take a deep breath and remember the alternative.

Thank you everyone for your kind emails and phone calls. Nancy at the Harem in Carney’s Point, thank you for cutting my hair and taking care of my tears. Go to her if you need a good style…she rocks! Thank you Jen for checking up on me…and Trac and Kleo. Thanks everyone. Oh…maybe in a bit, my next post will have art! I can’t wait.

Happy Thanksgiving.



trac said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lori! Keep that sense of humor - it will stand you in good stead. Take it easy and know that we are thinking of you.....

Jen said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving... silk pajamas... they sound so lucious!

Last weekend I bought a book of prayers at Barnes and Nobles--prayers of the historic church, saints, popes, pastors, etc. There is a section on healing and it includes a prayer for those with cancer that was penned by a pope several decades ago. I have been saying it for you, for Trac's cousin Heather, and for a friend of mine with lung cancer and will continue to keep you in my thoughts. Lucy and Cliff are rooting for you too! :o)