Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Having a No Hair Day

self portrait in oil Ok, so you say you're having a bad hair day huh? I guess I got you beat! Ha! Seriously, I am doing well and enjoying getting back to a level of some normalcy. My plan was to spend the afternoon painting but I think I did too much yesterday and this morning so I'm going to relax the rest of this day. I'm very excited that I've been able to paint a little (this installment shows the glazing I've done) and get back to the gym. Well, I'm not doing kick boxing or pumping iron but the treadmill is my friend again and it is good to hang with the other gym rats.

I'm proud to announce that I've been chosen as next year's artist for Canine Partners for Life's 10th Anniversary Wine Auction. You can check out the artist's work for this year here. I consider it an honor and I can't wait to start on my own version of a Labrador. Warm fuzzy puppies maybe? Signed prints will be offered from this piece so I want it to be something that just tugs at your heart and is beautifully rendered. I will also donate a portion of the proceeds of my own sales to CPL. I'm really pumped to get started.

Gracie is having her other knee operated on tomorrow morning. Poor little pittie. She and I will convalesce together since my next chemotherapy is scheduled for December 12th, my 37th birthday. Oh heck, I guess I blew the lie I was telling that I was 29...again. What do you mean you never believed that tale anyway?


trac said...

Congratulations on being chosen! Will we get to see your work in progress?

I am so glad you are feeling better. Oh, and Happy Birthday! Even though you are going to be 37, you really don't look a day over 29! LOL

Kenton said...

Good to hear about the award and that you are getting back to the gym! Bonus.

When I last saw you you didn't look a day over 21, never mind 29 ;-)

Happy Birthday and all the best!!

Li(silk) said...

Lori- Congratulations on being chosen as artist of the year. They have good taste! I'm happy you are feeling stronger. I hope your holidays are surrounded with love, laughter, beautiful hats and you are healthy enough to make yourself sick over eating!

Best wishes

Connie van Winssen said...

Hi Lori,
Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Reading your story I can feel the enormous strength you posess. Use it to get better so we can enjoy your art at WC again. We miss you and your entries in the WDE. Congratulations on your election!
Best regards, Connie

Anonymous said...

This portrait is absolutely beautiful..what can I say... I have a soft spot for women with bald heads... ;-)

I'm not surprised that you have been chosen artist of the year!

Your work is amazing!!!

I truly admire people who can create with their hands!

Oh! and I also adore aminals..another soft spot of mine... ;-)