Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gracie's Face and Ebay Offer

Pit Bull Pet Portrait

Everyone always asks me if I have any paintings of my Gracie. Nope. The shoemaker's kids have no shoes. I did do this little sketch of her today out of guilt. Actually I drew her face out of love. She's been such a good girl these days I couldn't imagine being without her. Don't ask me how I felt about her a few months ago.

I haven't had an Ebay auction in a long time. Well, as of 8pm these evening that will change. For the first time ever I will make an exclusive offer on Ebay. I am auctioning a custom graphite pet portrait, 8"x10" with mat on archival paper, for the very low starting bid of $99. This size and price is only available on Ebay and not from my main site. I do not plan to auction a portrait at this special price often. So, now is a unique opportunity to commission me to create a lasting memory of your beloved pet. Tell your friends and family and bid, bid, bid!


Jen said...

What a beautiful portrait of Gracie! So beautiful.

How are you feeling? Are your chemo rounds almost done? We are still rooting and praying for you!

Jen :o)

runswithdog said...

Hey Lori!!!

Glad to see you back - I was getting worried there for a little bit :-) Hope you are feeling okay. The portrait is gorgeous - Gracie is beautiful.