Thursday, January 18, 2007

Puppy Attitude

If you have loved a pet you know the look. Your pet takes something of yours and refuses to return it to you all the while giving you "that look". The "you can have it and I dare you to take it" look. I'm playing around with ideas for the painting I'm doing for CPL and their wine auction. I'm required to use an image of a Labrador Retriever. This is from an image my dear artist friend Terri Amig sent me. If you have any photos of true Labrador Retriever dogs or puppies that I might be able to use, there is a free print of the finished work in it for you!

I have a bit of nonsense for a moment to share. Since I've had more time for evil television lately I've become addicted to cooking shows. I just have one question. Who is this Giada chick? Darn she is pretty. Wasn't Rachael Ray cute enough? C'mon guys, if we eat the food these beautiful ladies cook we would all end up looking like Paula Deen(bless her). These girls spit that food out into a bag when we aren't looking. Also, where are all the hot studs cooking? Mario Batali? I think not. Bobby Flay...ech. I'm outraged. I can't wait until I can stop subscribing to cable again. This is just too much to take. Now where is my EVOO?

Oh, one last thing, yes this sketch was dated with tomorrow's date. Oops. They call it "chemo-brain". I think I wasn't all there to begin with.

Deb Lynam...are you happy I posted again?

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