Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On Being Precious

Sketch by Lori Levin
Acrylic by Lori Levin

"Under the Bridge"
on site sketch in my moleskine journal
Delaware Memorial Bridge, Pennsville

"Under the Bridge"
9"x6" acrylic on paper

If perception is reality then what does it mean to treat one's work as being precious? For me it means taking things much too seriously. Art making is a gift and is meant to be made with passion and excitement. Too often we are afraid of judgment and therefore every stroke must be perfect. This is where many artists run into blocks of their creativity. If every step is scrutinized the joy is lost. There is a fine line between taking care with a brushstroke and killing it before it ever hits the canvas.

It all comes down to enjoying the process. This is my mantra of late. With my energy limited, every moment of my day must be cherished. There no longer is time for drudgery. I've always enjoyed my work but now it is crucial.


lizzy said...

quality, not quantity. somehow the quantity of cancer cells that moved into my chest somehow finally beat it into my head; it is, afterall, about the QUALITY.

and all those parts, no matter how flawed or insignificant in appearance, make for such an awe-inspring whole.

it is an amazing lesson to learn, and so beautiful to put into action throughout life.

KleoPatra said...

The bridge pictures caused me to stop and stare a while, i hope you don't mind. Very interesting what you did in each of them, Lori.

Buster's Bed, as i glance over to the right on your page here, is, in a word, fantastic. i really love it. Your art brings me such joy, i can't tell you how your talent is just incredible. i am so glad to be able to visit your blog and read your words and see what you're doing from an artistic standpoint, Lori. Just gorgeous.

Your work is so precious, it really is. You are a gift to the world!

Can you tell i'm a huge fan?