Friday, July 27, 2007

By the Bridge

Delaware Memorial Bridge by Levin
Delaware Memorial Bridge by Levin Above:
"The Storm That Passed"
pencil drawing in moleskine sketchbook

"The Storm That Passed"
acrylic on paper

Nature was giving me a hint of its power by pushing my car around with the force of its gusty winds as I sketched from the safety of the driver's seat. Somehow life seems so much clearer when I sit by the water as it changes rapidly there. No matter how threatening the weather seems, the clouds always break to show the beautiful blue sky behind. Why is it on a dark stormy day we tend to forget how quickly the sun comes out again? It always comes back to shine. Always.

I'm starting to fall in love with this spot by the bridge. The structure is constant but the scene forever changes. I could paint it every day of my life and never run out of new ways of seeing it. It is sort of like life I guess. When I was younger I thought at a certain point I would have life pretty well figured out and I would just be following some sort of plan. Now, I realize there is no real plan and every day things change and the view is different. That being said, I truly don't understand when people say they are bored. Perhaps they are not looking hard enough.


KleoPatra said...

Great post.

i would love to have new looks at the same ol' things every day. i think i need to look at life more like how you describe here.

When i was a little girl, a very up-front, tell-it-like-it-is family friend once approached me upon hearing me groan (as many 8-year-olds in a house filled with only adults would groan):

"I'm so BORED!"

She said in a very serious tone - and i never forgot this, Lori, as you can see:

"Only dumb people get bored. And Karen, you're not dumb. Are you?"

And of course i shook my head and ran off to do something with myself! i have never said, "I'm bored!" since. And that's a mighty long time.

Long live your incredible, original vision for art... and your love for life itself, Lori.

Shabbat Shalom.

lizzy said...

not only does the sun come back out after the storm... but sometimes even the storm can be beautiful in a powerful, humbling way!

thank goodness, though, for the sun afterwards. you're right. it takes both the sun and the rain to grow all those tasty veggies and keep the grass green into august and even (gasp!) gives us a chance to take a nap instead of a ride... little gifts abound.

keep painting and smiling.