Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why I Live Here

Drawing above is in my moleskine sketchbook.
"Elsinboro View"

I'm often asked why I still live in Salem County. Being that I no longer work for Mannington Mills, I can live anywhere and work as an artist. Many times I've considered leaving this place because I thought there would be more for me in terms of culture and activity in places like Philadelphia or New York. The truth is I've made this place my home. Perhaps you can figure out why from the above photos.

Everyone can stop sending me emails about me cycling too much or painting too close to traffic. I've been benched due to some late effects of radiation in the area of my spine. There will be much more time spent sitting and resting for a bit so you can all calm down. It is up to me to make the most of it and not spend too much time being upset that I'm not riding with my Sunday group.

Gracie and I went to Elsinboro Beach this morning to do a little sketching. The tiny waves lapped the shore and we watched many pleasure boats and cargo ships pass. Only one or two cotton ball clouds dotted the sky. The occasional local went by on a kayak, probably working off last night's wine haze. I sketched the view across the river, thinking about the many people on their boats partying at The Chesapeake. This place is like a mini vacation. Even the sunset from the night before suggests a get away atmosphere.

I don't have to go anywhere. I'm already here.


KleoPatra said...

Love the photos. So serene... Those photos need no captions. Indeed i feel the calm and see the beauty. Gracie and you are a lucky pair, i must say (write)...

PhotoJoe said...

Hey, you can always drive into Philly if you want to...and then you can drive back out, too!