Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Neptune - A Dog Portrait

DOG PORTRAIT by Lori Levin
This is Neptune. He's a loving companion and loves to go hiking. The dog portrait is a gift to his "mom" Jeanette. I started this oil painting in washes of burnt sienna and burnt umber. This is purely just the foundation and a way for me to work out any drawing issues and to understand the form. I'm enjoying this piece very much because Neptune's expression is so joyous. All of the photos provided show this dog smiling.

It is Thanksgiving again. I can't believe 365 days ago I was wearing a scarf and wondering if I would be able to sit through the entire meal. Today I am working and getting ready to prepare some items for tomorrow's feast. Last year I considered wearing pajamas to dinner. This year I will wish I had pajamas for their elastic waist because I plan to eat everything in sight. Tomorrow I will relax and enjoy my family and friends like I never have before. There are plenty of things to be thankful for without a doubt. I wonder if a holiday will ever go by again without me feeling extra blessed.

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